Hi there! It's Mae!


I have had many passions in my life, (opera, jazz, culinary arts, dance, surviving the 90s...)

and none of them compare to my absolute LOVE of lifestyle portrait photography! I could spend all day behind the lens

and all night editing and be perfectly content. I crave new sessions, just so I can play with color and lighting and

un-posed families and babies and imagine new, unexpected smiles brightening up the images. 

My children are sick of me.

Honestly, they give me great images,

then ask for the camera so I can

get a taste of what I put them through every day.

I hate being in front of the camera. Hate it.

Thankfully, my husband is my backup shooter and snaps images of me.I am so glad he does. I want to be on the wall with my family too.


 Bunny and the Beast was named after my two children. They bring me joy and misery, love, laughter, sadness and heartbreak. Every smile, sigh, sleepy face, and temper tantrum gets documented. Every time they show love to each other or scream about hurt feelings, I capture it with my camera. Every emotion they have is precious because there will never be another one of them. Those moments are one just that, moments. They are here, then gone in a flash. I will always have those memories for them. Stacks of memories, books of them, waiting to be passed down to their children when they are grown.

And generations from now,

those memories will be precious to someone new.

As a family photographer, I want to bring lasting memories of your family, to your family. I want you to have books filled with smiles, tears, and sleepy baby faces. I want every mom, every dad, every grandparent, and every sibling to walk through the halls of your home viewing and remembering some of the best moments of your lives. 

Bunny and the Beast welcomes all families, with open lens cap, to our photography family. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments!